PE. And PP.

I'll tell you something interesting about Jeanne...she LOVES the movie Pitch Perfect.  You know, the one with Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson about a collegiate a cappella group named The Barden Bellas.

Rather incongruous with Jeanne's personality, no?  I mean, she basically adores Gunsmoke and the Coffeehouse channel on Spotify.  So her obsession with a cappella covers of "Titanium" by David Guetta featuring Sia and "Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars is well...surprising.  Surprising at the very least.  In fact, I would bet you $100 or a stack of warm blankets from the warmer on the MICU floor that she would proclaim to have never even heard of Bruno Mars.  And she would be annoyed that Sia's hair is always in her face.  But if the Bellas sing it, well then...

We are in the MICU for another night (SIGH).  While the hospital cable package doesn't offer up HGTV (!), it does stream an endless loop of movies commercial free.  And guess what is listed under "P"?  PITCH PERFECT.  So, we've just been watching it.  She will usually fall asleep at some point and miss one her favorite scenes (the pool riff-off, in case you were wondering).  So later when she wakes up, we will just watch it again so she can catch her favorite parts.

And none of this really has to do with anything, but to say that forever now when I watch Pitch Perfect, I'll think of that week we sat in intensive care and she battled out a smattering of pulmonary embolisms.  As in a "oh yeah, remember when you almost died and we were stuck in intensive care and we just kept watching this" sort of way.  And it sort of reminds me why she's just the best.

So that's our update.  Still in MICU, still stable, still a fan of "Eternal Flame" by the Bangles.  (And really, who isn't?)

Please keep sending those good thoughts and prayers for continued improvement and a move to the Progressive Care floor so that I can actually unclench a bit.  And maybe they have Pitch Perfect 2 on those channels there...