From the MICU, Round Two.

Well. Here is my second ever blog post from a medical intensive care unit.  YEP, WE ARE STILL HERE.

But in promising news, Jeanne's condition hasn't worsened.  It hasn't significantly improved either.  I think that is the simplest medical definition of "stable".  And trust me, "stable" is my new best friend.  Oh, and those blankets they keep in the warmer for patients and families. Those are a pretty nice touch, I must say.

Like most things it seems, time seems to be key as Jeanne's body fights off the pulmonary embolisms.  Which is sort of ironic because neither Jeanne nor I are known for our patience in life.  When she finally pulled off her breathing mask this afternoon and announced that she was "ready to go home now", I finally found myself relaxing just a little because she sounded so much like her true self.  (And considering that she hasn't really been able to talk for the past few days, I was ready for whatever she had to say.)  Needless to say, the whole "go home now" thing was nixed by her team of doctors.  I think when the team consents to move her back to the progressive care floor, we can be cautiously optimistic that she's on the mend.  And I'm confident that will will just take (wait for it, wait for it...) TIME.

So, that's the quick update.  Thank you SO MUCH for all the prayers and well wishes and the texts to check in on us.  I'm completely serious when I say that we could both feel all the good coming our way up here in our corner room...her tucked in her hospital bed and me tucked in a surprisingly comfortable recliner next to her.  I read all the comments and emails and texts to her, even as she slept away so they could all simmer around in her brain while her body figured out what to do next to get better.  And it helped because well, now she's stable and we couldn't really say that this time yesterday.  You all are just the best.