From the MICU.

So. This is my first ever blog post from a medical intensive care unit (and Lord, let's hope it is my last).

I hesitated a bit with blasting this all to the interwebs, but we are friends here and so here goes...

Yesterday morning, Jeanne was rushed to the emergency room at University Hospital with complaints of extreme shortness of breath.  Ruling out about a million things, the doctors were finally able to diagnose her with multiple pulmonary emboli (embolisms?).  GAH.  She was admitted and placed on a progressive care floor.  Because Team PJP and my family are the best ever, I was able to stay right with her the entire time.

Around 3 this morning, she had to be transferred to the Medical Intensive Care Unit, where she remains.  (And me too, still right next to her).  Early in the morning, her breathing became progressively worse to the point of needing forced oxygen.  I'll spare you all the medical details, but there was a lot of rushing, and big machines, and blood draws.  And then the dust settled around 5 this morning and she was sleeping with her massive breathing machine strapped to her face and I basically lost it, snotting all over my now 24 hour PJP t-shirt.  It was pretty charming.  I always say that together we make the perfect person, so I need my other half NOT attached to forced oxygen breathing machines.  You know?

So, now we wait.  She's on Heparin in hopes of preventing more clots while her body works to repair itself.  She'll stay in the ICU until we can get the breathing a bit under control.  Which is why I mention this all here...because everyone loves Jeanne and I know you all want the very best for her.  So whatever you do...pray, think good things, send positive vibes, etc...please send them to the third floor of University Hospital. That girl needs them (and I'll take the extras).

Thank you.

(And thank you times eight million to Team PJP, who moved mountains to make sure that I could be here all day today with her.  And to the entire staff of University Hospital and Clinics, who moved mountains to keep her as safe as possible.  And too all my Inner Circle peeps, who moved mountains to make sure I'm ok.)

Updates soon.