Welp, my months long reign at not crying while at PJP Buttonwood came to an abrupt and tragic end on Friday. was good while it lasted, but I'm disappointed in myself to set the count back from hundreds of days tear free to zero on the mythical "Days Since Crying" calendar.  (I'm even competitive over my crying schedule.) So what did me in?  All the usual suspects, mostly working long hours and feeling overwhelmed and ripe for a few days away from PJP.  Jeanne has been in and out of PJP over the last few weeks and she happened to say one thing to me on Friday when she was there that struck me in just the wrong way.  We get along so well at least 97% of the time, but then there's that three percent...

But then we pretty quickly made up, because that's how we operate...SUPER mad.  And then SUPER okay.  Which is pretty consistent with both of our personalities...we are both always all in on something or all out, rarely feeling middle of the road about any conviction.

So, I only mention it all here as part of keeping this PJP story real.  Because you know what isn't super fun, super sexy, or super compelling about entrepreneurship?  Crying in the middle of your store.  Can you imagine if we all Instagrammed that???  #feelingsorryformyself would be trending if we did.

But, if I've said it once, I'll say it a 100 times:  being an entrepreneur is hard.  If you've tried it, you probably just whispered "oh goodness, yes."  Not that it is particularly more difficult than so many other occupations, it just seems that in this social media focused world, we all have to put on the brave face and proclaim it #OMGBestDayEver for our businesses...even when it isn't the best day.

So, I'm just leaving this here...I cried a lot on Friday.  And then I felt better.  #ithappens.