Today was about as typical as a Tuesday can be at PJP Buttonwood...which was a welcome reprieve after a whirlwind of busy days over the last week.  Jeanne is off this week as she packs up her house at the Lake to move full-time to Columbia.  Since PJP's inception, she's maintained a house here during the week and headed south for the weekends and holidays.  But as we've grown and the demands on our time have increased, it has become more and more difficult to maintain two households and divide her time while maintaining her sanity.  I think we will both be equally relieved to have her settled here in our soon-to-be PJP compound (yep, we are both moving and we are moving across the street from each other...and we can't wait). So this morning, Kayla and Emily and Andrew and Travis and I worked away and we were completely finished with a full baking schedule and prep work for Wednesday shipping by noon.  (Travis is our newest addition to Team PJP.  He runs track with Andrew at Columbia College and can run a mile in about the same time it takes me to make up a bucket of dough.)  And then everyone left and I held down the fort until Erin arrived at 3 to help me finish out the day.  And what I remembered about myself is that I do better when I'm absolutely panicking about the overwhelming amount of things I need to do.  So, when I found myself alone at the shop and not particularly overwhelmed and with a few minutes to scroll through social media, well...I STARTED TO SECOND GUESS EVERYTHING.  Have you looked at Instagram lately?  Goodness, everyone has it all completely together.  My feed today was a continuous timeline of new businesses, new ideas, new podcasts, new blogs, new book deals, new events, new collaborations, new products, and new well, everything (including so many puppies).  Gah.

Meanwhile, I spent the better part of an hour today waiting on customers while I had a hunk of shortening stuck to my sleeve from making dough and I finally ordered "perishable" stickers for our shipping boxes.  That's been on my to-do list for TWO YEARS.  (The stickers, not the waiting on people with shortening stuck to me).

And when I got home tonight, I laid on the living room floor for an hour with our dog.

Not Instagrammable.  But notable, because it's real.