Well, we are happy to share that $5 Friday was a rousing success.  It started with a line snaking down our sidewalk and around the building by our open at 10:30 Friday morning.  And for the better part of the day, PJP Buttonwood was replete with customers anxious to secure their $5 baby pie(s), even willing to wait in fairly long lines to do so.  And let me tell you, we made SO MUCH PIE.  By best estimates, just a little over 700 baby pies left our door between 10:30 am and 4:33 pm, when I finally posted the SOLD OUT sign on the door.  Because trust me, by 4:33, we were sold out of everything, including ingredients, boxes, bags, and gumption. Without question, Team PJP absolutely slayed the challenge of creating and baking hundreds pies in a short time frame.  None of us were overwhelmed (at least, not more than usual) and none of us cried and as far we know, all customers were happy.  Even the people who stopped by who had absolutely no idea it was $5 Friday were happy and excited to be a part of a unexpected fun event.  And even when the ovens were full and we could only offer Gooseberry or Sour Cream Cherry, people took it as an opportunity to try new flavors for a great price.  From my perspective, I could certainly feel our growth in the time management and organizational departments when it comes to big events, so I say GOAL ACHIEVED.  I was even a bit sad for moment that the 5th wouldn't fall on a Friday again until early 2018.

And then it was Saturday.

On Saturday, we all awoke a little bit sore from long hours of standing on concrete.  And we all had sore wrists and elbows from excessive whisking.  And our necks hurt from looking down and baking for so long.  In short, we were hot messes with no desire to even look at pie...much less make a few hundred for the busy day ahead.

But we rallied and we made all the things we had promised to various people and we filled our shelves and our refrigerator, because we had to (that's how this entrepreneurial game works).  And then on Sunday, I stopped by PJP Buttonwood for some things that needed to be returned to Sam's and all I could think was "whew, I'm glad I'm not baking anything today."  And today, I did all the things that I need to do to make sure PJP has what she needs for a busy week ahead, but I thought "whew, I'm glad I'm not baking anything today."

But I'll be ready by the time tomorrow morning gets here, for sure.  Whew.