Wax Poetic.

Well, I might have mentioned once or thirty times, but tomorrow is $5 Friday.  And that simply means that all baby pies are $5, plus tax (just in case the Department of Revenue is reading this).  Surprisingly a customer asked me yesterday what the point of $5 Friday was exactly and it stumped me for a quick second...because uh, the only point is to have fun.  And hone our skills of making hundreds of pies in an exceptionally short time frame. So, a few thoughts...

  1. Tomorrow is the only instance of the 5th falling on a Friday in 2017, so this is the only time $5 Friday happens this year.  Like the eclipse coming this August, I suppose, minus the sunglasses and the fanfare.  Or the opportunity to AirBnB your personal residence for eight times your monthly mortgage payment to any one of the thousands of people coming to Columbia to witness it.  So I guess nothing actually like the eclipse, but it sounded dramatic.
  2. Everything tomorrow is first-come, first-serve.  We have a volunteer answering the phone tomorrow so that I can't be swayed by heartbreaking stories of people who desperately need pie for any variety of reasons, especially if it involves crying.  It would only take one mom bursting into tears because she promised a baby Dutch Apple to her kid coming home from six months in Europe before I would fold like a cheap suit.
  3. We can't guarantee what will be available.  We have an ENORMOUS baking schedule tomorrow and we are trying to do a wide range of flavors.  On our last $5 Friday, someone emailed me to tell me that I didn't know how to run a business because she stopped by twice and we were sold out of her favorite flavor both times.  Clearly, I haven't stewed around on that for the past eight months AT ALL.
  4. Last year, we threw in the towel and closed around four that afternoon because we actually had no gumption left in our souls to bake one more thing.  Our goal tomorrow is to get us past four pm.  If we can have options for purchase still available at 4:30, I'll mark it down as a pivotal point in PJP history.  And then I'll wax poetic about it when PJP is featured on a Diane Sawyer special focusing on #worldpiedomination.
  5. Also, I feel like Diane Sawyer would appreciate the fun of $5 Friday more than Barbara Walters would, so that's why I already plan to give her the exclusive on it when we become A Thing.  I don't think I need to let her people know quite yet though.  Ahem.

Hours tomorrow:  10:30 am to at least 4:31 pm.  Goals.