It's A Fact.

Yesterday, I mentioned that I'll be speaking at an event at Hawthorn Bank tomorrow and immediately, an astute reader pointed out that the event is actually being held at the Country Club of Missouri (and not at the bank).  So, that's the level I'm operating at these days...I'M NOT EVEN SURE WHERE I'M SUPPOSED TO BE MOST OF THE TIME.   And this makes me even more certain that I need a personal assistant to help me with all the things I don't enjoy, like keeping a calendar and talking on the phone.  And if the personal assistant could remind me to drink water, order pie boxes and tins by the 2 pm deadline for Monday delivery, and also to not drive around with Behind-The-Scenes Tech Guru Jason's dry cleaning in the back seat for a solid week, well then, I WOULD HAVE IT MADE. But alas, here I am.  And there's dry cleaning in my back seat.

And that's ok, because I did at least make the Saturday employee schedule for May and send out Square marketing campaigns for $5 Friday, which is neither interesting or compelling news.  But completely necessary to keeping this ship moving forward.  And me not working every Saturday afternoon.

On my way home this evening from a very full day at PJP Buttonwood, I found myself thinking about the hundreds of thousands of small businesses in the world today...and all the things those hundreds of thousands of business owners did today.  Like me, they were likely the first one there and the last one to leave.  They wrote big checks to vendors.  They logged into the bank account and realized everything is expensive.  Maybe they too took the trash out.  And answered the phone.  And went to the post office for stamps.  And thought about the big picture.  And was distracted by focusing on the small details.  And worked on the mundane, but necessary.  Entrepreneurship is basically a secret club for people willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week for someone else.  And that's a fact, because I saw it on Pinterest.