The Best Job.

I'll make this post quick tonight because I'm currently overanalyzing and stressing over the busy week that lays ahead.  And honestly, the only way to take the anxiety down a level is to finish the episode of Project Runway that I started yesterday.  (Season 14, if you are wondering.) So, a few things:

  1. $5 Friday is next week on Friday, May 5th (see what we did there?).  If you'll recall, we did this event last August when the 5th was on a Friday and it was a HUGE success.  We decided that we would do it every time the 5th falls on a Friday...and May 5th is the only actually the only opportunity for 2017.  And if you have no clue what I'm talking about, then just know that we sell all baby pies for $5 all day long.  Or until we run out and we just can't even think about making more.  Either way.
  2. Also, speaking of events that require an insane amount of baking, our April Epic Pie Tasting is scheduled for this Thursday.  While this event usually sells out quickly, this time around we actually still have six seats available.  Tickets are $20 each and can be purchased by phone tomorrow.  If you've never been, just know it is the most fun you can find in this town on a Thursday night while wearing pants with an elastic waistband.
  3. I'll be speaking about content marketing at Hawthorn Bank this Wednesday morning at 10:30.  Hawthorn is hosting this event and our friends from Arches Footwear, The Southern Rose, and Logboat Brewing will also be there to share their experiences.  It should be a great time (and there are door prizes).  Also, I'm super amped to get to go somewhere and wear something that isn't a PJP t-shirt with flour somewhere on me.
  4. If you've stopped by our online home at lately, you will have noticed a big style upgrade.  That's thanks to our friends at Delta Systems, who took over the hosting services for our site after I had a near nervous breakdown on the the phone with technical support for our previous hosting company.  Just a few little tweaks to the site has notched up a few levels AND I learned how to go in and edit text on the site myself.  And that is noteworthy.
  5. The person who owns Delta Systems also owns  Did you know that was A Thing?  He gets a text each time someone purchases a machete from his site (which makes me like him even more because I then could confess that I would like a text whenever someone orders a pie online and he is making that happen.  I never even dreamed it was possible.)  And then he gave me a machete.  So basically I went to a meeting about a website and left with a machete.  Thereby sealing the deal that I have the best job in the entire world.