So Jeanne and I got a bit of a rumspringa from PJP Buttonwood today by attending Hawthorn Bank's luncheon on content marketing.  Which basically means that we baked in the morning hours and then changed our clothes in the bathroom at PJP so that we could look like some legit adults...and then reversed the whole process and changed back into our PJP clothes once the event was over.  Likelihood that we smelled like pie when we arrived at the Country Club:  87%.  Likelihood that people were confused by seeing us out of our PJP t-shirts:  99%.

And honestly, being out and about mid-day on a Wednesday was DELIGHTFUL.  Here's a few takeaways:

  1. There are a lot of really smart entrepreneurs in this town doing some amazing things with content marketing.  And it was inspiring to listen to so many different perspectives.
  2. That said, on the way there, Jeanne looked at me and said "what the heck is content marketing?".  So one million thanks for Hawthorn Bank and Influence & Co for getting her straightened out before I had to attempt to explain it to her.  Whew.
  3. Seeing so many peers out at an event like today's makes me realize that both Jeanne and I are entrepreneurial isolationists.  I especially will rarely leave PJP Buttonwood during the day (unless it is to go to Hyvee, naturally).  And am the worst at collaborating with others.
  4. Which is sort of interesting because I learned a lot today and it was work in an entirely different way than a typical day at PJP Buttonwood.  It gave me some things to consider.
  5. I haven't decided what I'm going to do about isolate less/participate more, but I would be so satisfied if "entrepreneurial isolationist" because the next big buzzword.  You heard it here first, people.  (Because I apparently missed the train on the whole "B2C business model" phenomena.  Before you pull up your Google, it means "business to consumer" and I didn't get the memo either.)

So many thanks to Hawthorn Bank for inviting us to participate and to everyone there who took time out of their day to listen to my theories on content marketing, better known as "just dump your whole life on the Internet and hope someone identifies."  Ahem.  Entrepreneurial isolationism back in full swing tomorrow as we prep for April Epic Pie Tasting...