To start with, thank you for all of your kind comments and well wishes to PJP on her third birthday.  Without question, the day was a complete success.  And by complete success, I mean that we were completely finished with our heavy baking schedule by noon AND I made a few buckets of dough AND it was calm enough that I was sitting and answering emails by 2 this afternoon.  We can measure the success of PJP by sales growth all day long, but the true story is that we weren't overwhelmed by anything today and that is entrepreneurial maturity that can't be quantified, but rather speaks volumes to how far we've come in the past 36 months. For the most part, we just had fun today.  To begin with, Emily of Sugarberry Blooms (and member of Team PJP) brought in an AMAZING floral arrangement for our front table to kick off our morning.  The arrangement, in true Sugarberry style, was completely swoon-worthy and I still am thinking of all the lilac and dogwood blooms that smelled delicious.  Every time she brings us something, I swear she has created my favorite arrangement ever...until I see the next one.  But this is OH MY GOODNESS...love so much.

As an added bonus to our day, we rented a spinning wheel of prizes from our friends at A1 Rentals.  Basically, the wheel satisfied my latent desire to appear on both Price is Right AND Wheel of Fortune, because I'm fairly good with both guessing the prices of a six-pack of ramen noodles AND with guessing phrases without buying a lot of costly vowels.  After giving it a few satisfactory spins, we filled in each slot by writing a prize on it with a dry erase marker.

Each person visiting us was given a spin on the wheel, most landing on the slots for a free tart or a $1 tart.  The whole spinning wheel thing was basically for no particular point but to have fun.  Also, you would be surprised at how many people stopped by just to try their odds...it seems a spinning wheel bring out the competitor in us all.

Other than those things, we tried to be as routine oriented as possible for most of the day while still reflecting on how far we've come.  Late this afternoon, we received a floral delivery and I couldn't think of who in the world would be sending us something.  Turns out, this sweet bouquet was from our friends Jessica and Kyle at Lizzi & Rocco's...

And this gesture serves to remind me that the entrepreneurial community in Columbia is more than anyone could ever ask for and being a part of it is such an honor.  On occasion, we've been working late at night and on the verge of an epic pity party and I'll think of Jessica and Kyle and their THREE stores (and their two human babies and multiple dog babies).  I remind myself that because they can continue growing their business and having fun while they are at it, so can we (and my kids are even potty trained).  I think this is where we insert hashtag inspirational.

So that's Day 1,096.  I think this is where we insert hashtag cheers.