One Giant Step.

For the past few months, our Jelly Jar six-pack of pies have been available for one-time or subscription purchase on  And every few weeks, an order would arrive in email via Cratejoy and we would be pretty excited about it because the purchase gets #worldpiedomination to one more person who might not have heard of us otherwise. So, imagine my surprise when I discovered 11 Cratejoy subscriptions in my email last Thursday.  I automatically assumed that Cratejoy must have started emailing vendors when someone simply LOOKED at the listing for the product, rather just when a purchase was made.  I didn't think a lot about it because we were in our pre-Easter countdown and shipping for the week was already complete.

And then there were a few more subscription requests the next morning.  And a few questions from interested shoppers.

AND THEN.  Then, I received an email from Cratejoy on Friday that halted the entire work flow at PJP...

Our Jelly Jars had been featured in a Buzzfeed post on delicious subscription boxes.  And look, if you aren't familiar with Buzzfeed, then please know that they are the curators of viral Internet posts.  The site has a little bit of everything, from food and cooking, to fashion, to news, to the absurd, and to the hilarious.  In short, if you need some vacuous entertainment, Buzzfeed may be a site you love (though, caution, for the most part, it isn't a site for your kids to enjoy).

Buzzfeed has really stepped up their game with their posts about shopping, often highlighting popular and trending items on Amazon for the week or super cool things to be found on Etsy.  I often screenshot ideas for gift giving and then use the screenshot as a reminder to purchase.  So a post on "amazingly delicious" subscription boxes for basic Buzzfeed fare.  But the honor of being included?  NOT BASIC AT ALL.

By our shipping deadline yesterday afternoon, we didn't have a mass amount of orders...but we certainly had more than in an average April week (and even received more today for shipping next week).  And whether we receive hundreds or orders or simply just a hundred from our inclusion in the list, we are just fine with it.  It was simply an honor to be listed, and the inclusion of our photo and a shout out to the six tiny forks that come in the box with the pies made it all the sweeter..  One small step for Buzzfeed, one giant step for #WorldPieDomination.