On Your Third Birthday...

Dear Sweet PJP... Today marks your third birthday, your 1,095th day on the entrepreneurial market.  I took a deep breath this morning as soon as I remembered that we had made it to three together, because three feels like something notable, right?  Three feels like solid foothold into something bigger and since we've spent so many days just hanging on together, a solid foothold feels like a safe haven as we roll on toward bigger goals.  According to something I read once, 80% of small businesses fail in the first three years.  We couldn't believe it, of course, because half the battle of the first 36 months is believing.  Believing we can make it.  Believing we can do it.  Believing we can figure it out.  Oh, and believing in World Pie Domination...that too, even when it seems daunting.

So, look, this year has been instrumental in figuring out who you are, PJP.  Like someone took a 1,000 piece puzzle and dumped it on our laps without letting us see the box cover, we've finally gotten the corner pieces situated.  And maybe some of the trim too.  But the rest...the inside picture is still just a big mess, and usually when I'm working on it, I feel like I can't fit anything that fits together.  (And that I'm wearing a blindfold as I sift through the pieces).  Sometimes though, more and more, the pieces find each other and it works...and that makes the sifting through the pile of pieces completely worth it.

Of course, we are now smarter and stronger and wiser than this day last year (or the year before or the goodness knows, the year before that.)  That goes without saying, because if we didn't continue to grow - as a business, as entrepreneurs, and as women - then there would be no point to any of this.  But you never let us slack, because you know we always have more to give on the course to being better.  I can't help but to admire a girl that sets high standards and expects no less.  And that's what I love about you most, PJP.

So, cheers to the last 1,000 days and all the days ahead.  There's no one we would rather do this with.