Well, I didn’t mean to fall off the grid for the past two nights but on Tuesday night, I sat on my couch and something happened…and that something was Netflix and lethargy.  And then last night, I actually drafted a blog post and it never showed up on here or saved in the drafts.  Our website hosting is currently migrating from Bluehost to a local company and there was some discussion about pushing a button and moving data and email notifications and I’m not sure on the rest because this is basically me during the highly technical conversation…

But, I think we are all fixed now.  AND we have some upgrades coming to our mobile site just in time for our birthday next week.

So, of course, we are completely Easter focused at PJP.  We have A LOT of orders and they range across our entire menu of options, including a gluten-free lemon meringue, a pumpkin, and a sour cream raisin.  So basically, we are making our entire menu in some iteration starting at around 2 am on Saturday morning, right on through to the afternoon.

And if you really want to know what is going on at PJP, please know that both Jeanne and I are currently sweating it out through some complex real estate transactions.  And by sweating it out, I mean we are both buying houses and our favorite realtor Jeri Lou is doing all the negotiating while we wait for her to text us updates.  While my house patiently waits on the Columbia real estate market for a new owner, Jeanne listed her home on 30 acres last week and sold it in FOUR DAYS.  So, she really has to find something quickly.  And as it turns out, when Jeri Lou found her the perfect listing…the house across the street went on the market that day and it was the perfect listing for my family.  Meaning, if all goes well, WE ARE CREATING A PJP COMPOUND.  Like the Kennedys, minus the wealth and the ocean views.

And you would think that Jeanne and I would be sick of each other after the 50,000 words or so we share a day, but by nightfall, we always have more to say to each other.  So if her front door becomes a quarter-mile from my front door, I’m calling it a total win.  And I suspect that 75% of the time, we won’t see each other once we are settled in from our day at work…but the option is always nice.  Especially because she’s super fun to drink wine with on a patio.  Now we just need a golf cart to drive back and forth between houses.  Can you imagine?

So, all I need now to sigh a massive sigh of relief is an offer on my house soon.  I’m going to drop the link here, even though it feels odd to do so.  If you look at the pictures, please just know that to be realistic, you’ll need to envision all the living room furniture with labrador retriever fur on it.  Ahem.  But if you have a cousin who has a friend who has a sister who knows someone looking for a great house in a beautiful area of Columbia, please pass it along.  The PJP Compound depends on you.  #compounddomination?