This Space.

I suppose it is about time to wax poetic about PJP as she nears her third birthday, right?  And here she is exactly three years ago today...

I took this picture immediately before our floors were stained and early the next morning, the equipment was installed.  Looking at this picture, I can only think how young and fresh and uncertain the space feels, a clue that it would take a while to figure out exactly what it would become.  (Jeanne is probably looking at this picture and thinking she would just love to have it empty again for one afternoon so that she could power wash the floors and re-stain them to celebrate 36 months.  Trust me on this.)

But, as I look at that picture, I'm completely certain that we've felt every emotion possible while standing in that space.  And we've walked 2.4 million steps in that space.  And a few times even, we've laid down on the floor in that space.  We've been to that space early in the morning, late at night, and in the middle of the night...and the whole entire night.  We've watched the sunrise from that space (and, well, the sunset too).  And we've hated that space once or twice...because we are human and entrepreneurship is no joke.

But mostly, we love that space now more than we did when taking that picture three years ago, if you can believe it.  #worldpiedomination