Today Was That Day...

Every once in a while, I have one of those days at PJP where it feels like I worked like crazy all day, but actually achieved nothing notable.  Today was that day. 7:45 am - Arrive at PJP Buttonwood.  Turn on lights and make baking schedule.  Mark the leftover pies from yesterday half-price.

8:00 am - Make dough.  Curse a blue streak when trying to hoist 50 pounds of flour onto the table.  Curse second blue streak when trying to pour 50 pounds of flour into flour bin.

8:25 am - Walk to Starbucks while texting my Inner Circle people.  Thankfully Starbucks knows me well and my venti iced coffee is ready 30 seconds after I walk in.

8:30 am -  Sticker printer problems.  Break out Jeanne's emergency razor blade and begin cutting.  Snicker at the irony that this sticker problem is the sort of thing Jeanne loves and I hate and she's not here today.

8:50 am - Receive notification my house will be shown at 1:30 this afternoon.  Immediately begin calculating how many dishes we left in the sink from breakfast and how much pet fur needs to be Swiffered from the hardwood floors.

9:00 am - Meet with business consultant Mike.  Talk about all the things.

10:00 am - Meet with a group of journalism students.  It's the time of year for final projects.  This group is going to make a promotional video about PJP for a grade and then we get to have it for our use.  Sounds promising.

10:30 am - Meet with local business about using pie as a gift to new customers.

11:00 am - Make German Chocolate pie.  Emily and Kayla have taken the brunt of the baking schedule this morning, so I'm trying to do one thing to help out.

11:30 am - Remember pet fur problems.  Leave to clean the house.

Noon - HOLY CRAP, SWEEP ALL THE FUR.  Considering making entirely new pet out of pet hair collected on the Swiffer.

1:00 pm - It takes longer than I expect.  It always does.

1:15 pm - Return to PJP.

1:30 pm - Be informed our dough weighing scale is out of batteries, so no one can weigh dough in preparation for tomorrow's baking schedule.

1:35 pm - Go to Hyvee to buy batteries.

1:45 pm - Return to PJP.

1:50 pm - Receive call from elementary school that youngest child has a stomachache.  Go to school and pick her up.

2:00 pm - Return to PJP.

2:01 pm - Try to answer emails.  TRY being the operative word.

2:30 pm - Pick up other child from school.  Take everyone home.

2:35 pm - Obsess about whether potential buyers liked house.  Bask in how amazing it looks before the kids and pets shatter all the glory in a few minutes.

2:45 pm - Return to PJP.

3:30 pm - Load up 30 baby pies purchased by a department at the University.

3:35 pm - Go deliver those pies to campus.  Be reminded of how pretty campus always is in the spring.

4:00 pm - Remember we are out of cherries.  Trek all the way to Moser's on the Business Loop because they are the only store in town to carry cherries packed in water instead of pie filling.  And they give us a nice discount for bulk purchase.

4:05 pm - Curse traffic on Providence.

4:15 pm - Load 120 cans of cherries in a cart.  This involves climbing on a shelf to grab the cans at the very top.  Have at least three people stare at me oddly.  Buy the cherries and load the cherries into the car.

4:20 pm - Return to PJP.

4:30 pm - I seriously don't get where all the traffic in this town comes from.

4:40 pm - Realize my gas light has been on since before the campus delivery.  Sounds about right.

4:50 pm - Get gas.  It costs me .19 cents TOTAL to fill up my Tahoe because of my Hyvee Fuel Saver.  That hasn't nothing to do with anything, but DANG...NINETEEN CENTS FOR 20 GALLONS IN MY TAHOE.

5:00 pm - Return to PJP.

5:01 pm - Make five trips from car to store to unload 120 cans of cherries.

5:04 pm - Send the afternoon help home, start work on tomorrow's baking schedule plan.

5:05 pm - Get distracted by waiting on customers.

5:08 pm - Agree to wait until 5:45 pm for a customer to pick up a pie.

6 pm - Turn off the lights and lock the door.

6:05 pm - Remember we are out of milk at home and that I have no clue what we are going to have for dinner.

6:08 pm - Go to Hyvee.  Third time in one day.  Now you know how I had enough fuel saver to pay .19 cents a gallon for gas.

6:30 pm - Aaaaaannnnd home.

Here's to actually baking something tomorrow and just not participating in an wild goose chase all over town.  And to my house selling so I can mark Swiffering off the to-do list...