Jeanne started her short spring break today, leaving me at the helm of PJP.  And I can tell I've matured because as the dirty baking trays piled up in the sink, I calmly accepted my fate and around 4:30 this afternoon, I got out a new SOS pad, getting to work even though SOS pads are my own personal hell.  (So much weird blue soap in those and the texture...gah, let's not even talk about that.)  Thankfully one our customers that I love visiting with stopped by two trays in and one our newest employees, Erin, finished up those trays while I chatted.  Basically, I'm making her employee of the month.  (Also, did you know she is Gunnar's sister-in-law?  And we found Gunnar through Mac.  And we found Mac through Mitch, one of our very first employees.  So basically, Erin is fourth generation in the Mitch line.  And soon, Sydney's brother will start working with us, making him second generation Sydney line.  So what I'm saying is once you are in PJP...it is hard to escape us.) And thinking about generations of PJP employees, now is a good time to mention that we are only 12 days away from our third birthday.  Whaaaaaaat?  Look, I don't even know where the past three years have gone either...but I'm more than thankful for them.  Even on the worst days, I can't imagine being without PJP and that's worth noting 1,083 days in.  While we couldn't relax quite enough to mark our first or second birthdays, three seems just the right age to take a slow and cautious breath (no worries, I have more than enough anxiety to make up for this brief foray into chilling out).

So, here's our birthday plans...

On April 18th, we will celebrate PJP turning three.  Our anniversary is actually on the 17th, which is a Monday, so I think only appropriate that we stay closed for the day as usual on a Monday.  Also, nothing comes between Jeanne and her binge of Monarch of the Glen on Netflix.  Then on Tuesday, we are just going to have a ridiculously good time...so put it on your calendars.  We've reserved a spinning wheel of prizes (think Showcase Showdown, PJP style) from our friends at A1 Rentals.  After you purchase on the 18th, you'll be able to spin the wheel for some FABULOUS prizes (discounts, t-shirts, free pies, gift cards and more).  We are also going to include golden tickets in a fair amount of the pies we bake for the 18th.  If you find one, take a picture, and tag us on social media, so you'll be entered to win a free baby pie a month for an entire year (and we will pull more than one winner).

We are also going to have tarts in all sizes available at discounted prices and we are going to bake hearts made out of pie crust, bag them up and tie them with a cute ribbon and give them away all day...because after all the love PJP has received, it is only fair she gives some back.

Knowing us, goodness only knows what else we will come up with in the next twelve days.  But PJP deserves it...and so do you, because hey...we couldn't be us if we didn't have you, right?