Nonsense Roundup

So, I didn't really plan on going radio silent last week...however, after some long days baking and some evening baking parties thrown in the mix, I found myself COMPLETELY OUT OF WORDS by the end of the day (and that hardly ever happens...I'm blaming it on spring break).  Here is a roundup of all the completely nonsensical things from PJP over the past week...

  1. Our store laptop that we use to stream music is dying a slow and prolonged death (probably because we keep it on top of our microwave or probably because it is at least six years old...or both of these reasons).  But anyway, last week it would play one song and then need to be restarted to play another song.  It was completely annoying and I would have called someone for help, but how can you even explain that technical problem without sounding completely ridiculous?  (Hint:  You can't).
  2. Jeanne is completely obsessed with ReadeRest...this magnetic holder for her reading glasses that attaches to her shirt via magnet.  Which is pretty cool, unless you work in a place that is FULL OF STAINLESS STEEL.  She basically spends most of her day attaching to the outside of stainless steel mixing bowls and then losing the back piece once the front piece detaches.  And then we spend all of our time looking for the back piece.  How many different places can you find a ReadeRest magnetic piece in a 1,050 square foot kitchen with stainless steel baking equipment and walls?  (Hint:  A lot).
  3. We've been ripe with creative ideas for PJP over the last week, testing out a number of new things.  We are struggling a bit with execution though, more saying to each other "I don't know, what do you want to do?" and "I'm not sure, what do you want to do?" than anything else.  Isn't that charming?  (Hint:  It isn't).
  4. I was introduced to the Gallup Strength Finder test - this great test that figures out your five best strengths.  It is great for teams to take to understand how better to relate to each other based on each person's strengths.  I'm still waiting for Jeanne to log in and take hers, but in short I'm strategic and competitive, full of ideas and intellect, and in need of a lot of input.  Basically, it is just like Gallup saw right on through my soul.