Hall of Fame Pies.

Late last week, a staff member at the Boone County Historical Society read the blog post about our failed attempt to purchase tables at the University of Missouri surplus auction (spoiler alert: we are terrible at auctions).  And she passed that post on to Chris Campbell, the Executive Director of the historical society.  Then he called me late last week and said that he had all sorts of tables and folding chairs to give away to us, if we were interested.  UHHH....YES.

So this morning, we went over to chat with Chris and take a quick peek at the tables and chairs...which are nothing short of amazing for our needs.  He also treated us to a pretty sweet little tour of the historical society, to which I say:  IF YOU HAVEN'T BEEN THERE, YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GO.  Chris has a great story of how he ended up at the historical society from a career at Paramount Pictures.  And when he shares his vision for the continued growth of the historical society, it is easy to be excited for their future plans.  (As a side note, they have a Boone County Hall of Fame and I've added "get inducted" to the PJP goal list.)

So now we have tables, chairs, new friendships with Chris and his team, and a serious addition to our bucket list (#halloffamepies).  Which only serves an excellent reminder that the people and organizations in our community completely slay it when it comes to supporting local businesses.  We couldn't appreciate it more, seriously.

Which reminds me, PJP has been nominated for the Inside Columbia, Best of Columbia 2017 as the Best Place to Get Dessert.  The competition is fierce (as always), so we'll take it as an honor to just be nominated.  But I can't figure out how we are going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame without some serious awards on our resume, so vote early and vote often.  #halloffamepies