Today we actually worked on a bit of planning for Pi(e) Day, thinking ahead to the flavors and quantities we plan to offer for our annual $3.14 off everything Pi(e) Day celebration.  And we must not have been the only ones thinking a few weeks ahead because within 15 minutes of each other, several customers called to place orders for that week totaling 1,250 baby pies over a three day period for pickup.

Which is only to say that if you stop by PJP Buttonwood in the next two weeks and find us doing anything besides working on the daily baking schedule OR weighing and rolling out 1,250 baby pie shells, please yell at us to get back to work.  As soon as I post this blog entry, I'm sending out an APB text message to Team PJP that we will all be working March 11th, 12th, and 13th, so they should rest up and make no plans but dough rolling plans.

A few other thoughts that have nothing to do with anything at all...

  1. Our February Epic Pie Tasting Event is tomorrow evening.  Which means that we will bake all day and make no less than eight trips to Hy-vee for random ingredients we normally don't stock.  But Epic Pie Tasting is still my favorite event to host because it never disappoints with fun and good conversation.
  2. A bird flew into our window recently and died upon impact.  I immediately panicked that it was an omen of something bad to come because I'm prone to superstition.  Jeanne completely dismissed my panic, claiming it could only be bad omen if you found the dead bird in your house.  Wait...what?
  3. I just consulted Google (as one does) and a dead bird in your house symbolizes a new beginning.  I guess a dead bird outside your store means your windows are too clean?
  4. And if that isn't enough, we watched a guy in a coat with a hood and a full face mask look in every car in the parking lot this morning.  He completely creeped us out and Jeanne called the police non-emergency number to report his suspicious behavior.  My favorite part of the call was when the dispatcher warned us not to approach him.  I felt like yelling back into the phone that I've been stressed out by a DEAD BIRD for the last 24 hours, so it is a safe bet that I won't be approaching a scary person in our parking lot.
  5. But I did leave to walk over to Starbucks while the police were in transit.  No one (or bird) comes between us and our morning iced coffees...