The most unexpected joy of PJP ownership that continues to surprise me is just how much we love the people that we work with each day.  Like, legitimately like them whether we are making pies at 1 am on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving or if we are playing Cards Against Humanity and eating nachos together on Super Bowl Sunday.  Which is only the back story to how we ended up shopping for antiques on Friday afternoon with Katie and Kayla and finding all sorts of gems, like...

As best we can tell, that bunny plugs into electricity.  We didn't buy it, but we entertained ourselves with the thought of placing a pie in that Easter egg that must open when powered on.  That would be show, for sure.

So, a few other things...

  1. We looked at an antique refrigerator in hopes of adding additional space for cream pies at PJP and when we opened the door, I WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER forget the smell inside of that refrigerator.  I was either closed for 30 years prior to me swinging the door open OR it housed a dead body.  OR BOTH.  #itwastheworstsmellever
  2. That said, we still don't have a plan for trying to expand on our display space in the front of the store.  We need a plan.  And one million tax-free, repayment free dollars to go with it. #doesnteveryone
  3. On another note, I noticed that we had two unlikes on Facebook this week.  If anyone needs me, I'll just be over here obsessing about what those two don't like about us.  #sigh
  4. But we did pick up nine new followers on Instagram, so there is that.  (And if you are looking for someone else fun to follow, might I suggest Emily @sugarberryblooms or Katie's ridiculously adorable new puppy...@sheepadoodle_kirby)  #maybeInstaisthenewFB
  5. And finally, like sands through an hourglass, these are the days of our lives (meaning, I have no idea where time goes)...Pi(e) Day is in a few short weeks.  Mark your calendars for Tuesday, March 14th.  We will do something epic to celebrate.  #wewilldecidelastminuteasusual