The YouTube

By now, you might have seen our newest video project (created by our favorite person, Aaron Ottis) circulating around on Facebook and Instagram.  And if not, you go, just click on the link to enjoy: Peggy Jeans Pies Jan 2017

So when Aaron stopped by to show us the video, we started to chat about future projects.  One particularly compelling idea is to give Jeanne her own series of videos, wherein she shares her expertise on any number of things.  Aaron suggested we make a list of possible topics and while I haven't consulted with Jeanne yet, I have put some thought into what could catapult her to stardom on "the Youtube."  I have an entire list of legitimate baking tutorials she could do, like "learning to make meringue" and "blind baking 101".   I also created a list of lifestyle videos that she could do that would be the most entertaining segments on YouTube that you could ever hope to find.

  1. She explains how to clean an entire commercial kitchen using only boiling water and razor blades.
  2. She explains what she thinks Twitter is and why someone would use it.  And more importantly, why she thinks someone shouldn't.
  3. She gets called into unsuspecting commercial kitchens and absolutely loses her mind on the staff when finding excessive grime.
  4. Especially if that grime is due to general laziness by the staff.  That warrants being mentioned twice.  LOSES HER MIND.  Think Bar Rescue, bakery style.
  5. Jeanne comes over to my house, sees my linen closet, and is seriously disappointed in me.  (This might have recently happened.)  But then she teaches all of America to fold a fitted sheet properly, solving a crisis that so many of us face.  (On the upside, my linen closet has never looked better.)  (On the downside, I'm afraid it will never look this good again as long as I live.)

Aaron, I think you have your work cut out for you...