Thank You, Mother Nature

So, I figured I should log on and post something...or perhaps I would completely forget that we own PJP and that in our regular life, we bake pies five days a week.  Four solid days at home will do that to a girl. This past weekend was weird, right?  The entire city shut down for an ice storm that never really materialized.  Once Mizzou and the City of Columbia announced plans to close on Friday because of the impending weather, it was an easy call to close PJP for the day.  And then on snow and no ice, but the continuing threat that the storm front lingered just south of us and promised to arrive overnight.

Saturday morning, looked pretty okay outside.  But my Facebook feed was full of local news promising the big round of ice and power outages was sure to come.  Jeanne and I talked and we struggled to make a decision about what to do for the day with PJP...ultimately deciding to close for the day.  And if you know me at all, you know I obsessed about that decision for most of the day...especially when the ice never actually happened.  THANKS, MOTHER NATURE.

I guess, though, it would have been way worse to be baking away at PJP and the ice actually arrive, leaving us with a white-knuckled treacherous drive home.  Or, baking for a regular Saturday and no one leave their home to purchase gourmet pie, leaving us with dozens of fresh pies.  OR BOTH, ACTUALLY.  That would have been worse than wearing yoga pants and trying to finish my binge of The Office over the last few days.  (I'm on Season 7, for those of you keeping track.)  (Actually, all things would be worse than wearing yoga pants and trying to finish a Netflix binge, right?  Because that is sort of the best.)

I just checked the weather and it is supposed to be lovely all week, finishing with 60 and sunny on Saturday.  I better hurry and finish Seasons 8 and 9, then.  Looks like we will be making a lot of pies for the duration.  THANK YOU, MOTHER NATURE.