One of the downsides of the slower days in January is that it makes me (even more) psychologically crazy, as I have the extra time to focus on all the things that need to be done for #worldpiedomination to continue forward progress.  And trust me, the list is SUPER LONG.

Earlier today, I took a deep breath and stared directly into the face of the two worst to-do items ever:  accounting and payroll.  Gah.  THE WORST.

We've been transitioning to a new accounting person and she's given me a long list of information she needs.  And I really wanted to respond to the whole list with "uhhhhh???" because I know she gives me more credit in the organizational bookkeeping department than is ever warranted.  (I'm sure I will shatter all of her illusions by late next week when she really gets to know me.)  But on the upside, I told her that the best way to handle me is to tell me when I do something wrong and to never hesitate to text me in all caps when I'm supposed to be doing something she really needs me to do, like signing forms and writing absurdly large checks to the IRS.  And she was pretty down with that plan, so I have high hopes for it working out.  (Though, next week she inviting me over to give me a Quickbooks lesson, so she may have a break down after that.  Let's all keep her in our thoughts.)

Another item high on my list of "stuff that stresses me out at PJP" is payroll.  Currently, Behind-The-Scenes-Tech Guru Jason calculates payroll and sends me an email with the check amounts to write.  Which works splendidly until I forget when payroll is due and then ask him at 11:15 at night to calculate all that.  Or until someone needs a pay stub from weeks ago and I don't know how to get that and promptly forget to ask Jason to do it.  Which I'm sure is how all multi-national corporations start out, right?

So I called Moresource and today, Brian Cunningham came to PJP and listened to our current setup and didn't fall down laughing OR consider us a lost cause.  Instead, he is just going to calculate payroll, automatically deposit the checks into the accounts, and pay the litany of quarterly taxes due.  Yes, please.  Yes times the 26 or so payroll cycles I dealt with in 2016.  Jeanne and I couldn't be happier.  And neither could the eight people who work for us, I'm guessing.

Tomorrow, we host our Epic Pie Tasting Event for January and that means we will bake almost all day....which means I'll be too busy to talk to anyone about withholdings, filings, or W2s.  WHEW.