The Longest Way...

So when we determined our holiday vacation schedule, we factored in NOT making Tuesday, January 3rd our first day back.  Primarily because Columbia Public Schools doesn't start back up until tomorrow...and because Tuesdays are normally our slowest day of the week, so making the very first Tuesday of the year as the first day back sounded unnecessarily daunting. Which is just the longest way ever to say that tomorrow, we are back at it.  Aprons and all.

Instead of working through all the emails in my inbox or working on that 2017 goal list, I did what any reasonable person would do...I organized my silverware drawers while listening to the Hamilton soundtrack.  Three days in and my "be more adult" resolution is a fail.  (Though our silverware drawers at home are Pinterest worthy, so I suppose that counts for something.)

Which is just the longest way ever to say that we have some anxiety about tomorrow.  Because of course we do.

And not the bad sort of breathe-in-a-paper-bag anxiety (we save that for special occasions, yo), but the generalized baseline level "we would like to be absolutely perfect this year, grow tremendously, and disappoint no one" anxiety.  And because we are on the eve of our first business day of a new calendar year, we are feeling the latter pretty strongly tonight.

Which is just the longest way ever to say that we will be just fine tomorrow, but we will be pretty tightly wound about it until we are back in the routine.  Because we are pretty special that way.