And, so here we are...the first Monday of 2017.  And by a quick glance at the new planner I've done nothing with yet, it is pretty clear that we are all headed back to routine this week.  I hope we remember how to bake pies.  Just kidding.  Sorta. But look, we haven't been to PJP Buttonwood since Christmas Eve.  Taking a 10-day break probably wasn't the smartest financial move, but it was certainly the smartest move for our collective mental health.  Those weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas were challenging (at best) and had we decided to work each day last week, I think we would have burned our oven mitts in the alleyway and thrown our measuring cups into the donation drive thru at the Goodwill.  Not kidding.  At all.

That said, I was working on a project yesterday at my house and found my thoughts continually drifting to PJP and our plans for 2017...which is a pretty good indicator that I'm ready to get back on the #WPD bus.  And I'm tempted to set a staggering amount of goals for us this year, but I'm not thoroughly convinced I'm ready to commit to any just yet.  Part of what made December just so difficult was the demand for pie versus our current space and baking capacity.  You know what doesn't bring peace on Earth and goodwill toward men?  Telling each person that calls the week before Christmas that we've closed orders for holiday pickup because we reached our maximum number of pies on order.  So what do we want for 2017?  Well, EVERYTHING YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE.  And I've learned enough over the past 2 1/2 years to know that any legit business professional rejects "EVERYTHING YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE" as an overly vague and unattainable goal.  Specificity is key.  Or so I've been told.

So Jeanne and I are both thinking about what we want from the coming year (provided, of course, that the year is kind enough to provide it).  We have a few things in mind, the very least being to have even more fun that we had in 2016.  (And if you are a regular reader here, you know we had some legit good times, even when we were stabby.)  And that sounds like a solid start to any goal list, right?

Of course, we will share the rest as the list comes together.  And rest assured that it includes all the usual, like being the number one pie entrepreneurs in Missouri.  Or in the United States.  Ahem.  And eat more veggie tots instead of the leftover French Silk from the beaters for lunch.  And maybe once a week, we'll use four Splenda in our vent iced coffees instead of six.  No promises, though.  #GoalDiggers.