As it turns out, being completely off the grid for six days is my personal limit and so here we are...mainly to say that we hope you had a wonderful holiday and are enjoying the odd week between Christmas and New Year's when the whole world seems to function just a little off kilter.  (Honestly, I spent most of the morning under the assumption that today was Wednesday and I ate cookies for breakfast.  No shame.) PJP Buttonwood is closed this week for our annual holiday break.  We did spend some time earlier this month contemplating a half week break and then opening for at least Friday and Saturday of this week.  But by the time we worked over 100 hours last week on Christmas orders, we were all completely over it for 2016 and more than ready for some time at home with our families.  And our Netflix.  Ahem.

And you probably won't be surprised to read that I felt stressed out and guilty about our decision for most of Monday and Tuesday, once the glow of Christmas was over.  And each time I left the house with my family and went to any business in town, I would analyze whether they were busy or not and then turn to Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason and say "OMG, we probably should have opened this week."  It was pretty charming.  Said no one ever.  Jason deserves 41 extra Christmas presents for putting up with me being gone for days to work and then listening to me obsess about not being at work for days.

But then yesterday, I found myself at the movies at 1:45 on a Wednesday afternoon with my people...which was pretty winning.  And later Jeanne called me to let me know that she had time to check out "the YouTube" and ended up watching four hours of videos, the least being Johnny Cash's entire concert from Folsom Prison.  And I'm seven seasons into The Office, with Netflix asking me at least four separate times if I'm still watching because it has been on so long.  Yep, I am, Netflix.  And I'm still laying on the couch too.  Except Jeanne wants me to check out "the YouTube" if I haven't before because it is pretty amazing...

So, that's the story here.  Odds are, "make YouTube videos" will be high on Jeanne's list to do in January.  You are welcome, 2017.