As We Will.

You might be relieved to know that we did, in fact, have a better day at PJP Buttonwood than yesterday.  WHEW.  Two of yesterdays might have just done me in until the very end of time. So today was our last day with a full staff.  We've now lost Sydney, Kevin, Emily, and Katie to their holiday plans and tomorrow will be our last day with Andrew.  Which means that on Friday, Jeanne and I will be baking all of the pies alone (well, with Shelby working the front counter...THANKFULLY).  In short, we are just kicking it back to the old school days of our first PJP Christmas...just with ten times the orders of the first year.  Can someone please cue up Hard Candy Christmas?

As I was baking today, I thought of that old Sandra Bullock move, know, where she drives that city bus in Los Angeles and it can't drop under 55 miles per hour or it will explode and Keanu Reeves is the police detective who is there to save them all?  Yeah, that show.  And basically, this whole week at PJP feels a little Speed-esque.  Jeanne is the Sandra Bullock bus driver...mainly because if someone has to jump a missing section of freeway in a bus about to explode, Jeanne would be the woman for the job.  Actually, "unafraid of missing sections of freeway" could be the best way to describe her EVER.

Which I guess makes me the Keanu Reeves, only because someone has to know how to use a walkie-talkie and make quick decisions about where to exit.  And all of the people on the bus are our sweet employees who are now unloading one by one to a flatbed trailer pulled up next to the speeding bus, leaving just Sandra and Keanu to see it all to the very end.  Spoiler alert...they all end up JUST FINE.

As we will, one way or the other, by Saturday at 1 pm.