A Giveaway!

When I made tomorrow's baking schedule this evening, I felt a legit chill run down my spine.  While we've gotten 1,000% faster and more efficient at baking for large orders, the plan for tomorrow isn't for amateurs.  (Also, I would bet you 1,000 Jelly Jar pies that when Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason reads this, he will whisper "one thousand percent isn't a thing".  But he would agree that we have gotten better and faster.  Just not at math.) So we could discuss the HUNDREDS of Jelly Jar pies that need to be baked, boxed, and prepared for shipment all over the United States tomorrow by 5:59 pm AT THE VERY LATEST (don't ask how I know this), or we could focus on something more festive...like free stuff.

We are offering up one $30 gift certificate to Paint The Town.  Just leave us a comment here on the blog and tell us something interesting that isn't about Jelly Jar pies.  Do you plan to stay home for Christmas or travel to see family and friends?  Do you like to paint...or are you like me and you are willing to participate only if you can purchase a Dirty Shirley for a nominal fee whilst painting?  Were you righteously indignant about our dumpster situation all day like Jeanne was?  (She was really really really indignant all day about it.  Trust me.)

We will pick a winner at random on Thursday and drop your certificate into the mail...