About twice a year or so, we have a day at PJP that TAKES ALL OF MY WORDS.  (Which is only interesting really because WORDS ARE MY THING...and I usually have an endless supply.)  I talked all day to everyone about everything and by closing time, I thought to myself "welp, self, I've said absolutely everything there was ever to say about pies..." And yet, here we are.

Today was a rough go at the #worldpiedomination market.  We were so very busy and our phone rang so much that we had to call one of our regular volunteers at home, tell her we needed some serious help as soon as possible, and then take a huge sigh of relief every time she answered the phone in our store for the next few hours.  How do you even repay the sort of kindness that drops everything and drives to our store and answers our phone AND knows me well enough to deflect all the phone calls for me while I'm doing lattice tops on 31 cherry jelly jar pies?  I'm not even sure you can.

(Me every time someone calls this time of year to discuss 2017 marketing budgets...)


But, all that said, all of the hundreds of jars on order are now nestled in UPS trucks and planes for destinations from Rancho Margarita, California to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and everywhere in between.  And, I made it to UPS at 5:15 rather than busting in the front door at 5:59 pm in a terror sweat that I was a minute too late.  So holla out to progress.  (Also, holla out to Team PJP today, who was nothing short of amazing.  It was the all female team today of Emily, Katie, Sydney, and Shelby.  We ate our beloved veggie tots while we worked and discussed most of HGTV's programming, 2017 planners, Christmas traditions, all of pop culture, home improvement blogs, and more...proving even on the most difficult of work days, we have the best time.)

Tomorrow's baking schedule is a heart stopper, for sure.  I better save up my words...