Lords and Swans.

We are now a solid seven days out from our Thanksgiving 2k16 baking marathon (and as a frame of reference, this time last week I was sleeping like the dead for HOURS.)  And now that we aren't concentrating on how to bake 1,000 pies in 24 hours, we've been able to think a bit about some stuff that we've been ignoring for the past month...

  1. We ordered PJP t-shirts today for sale in the store.  (We've only been talking about it for months now, so go figure.)  A number of people have asked if we would have any available for purchase for Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers and rest assured, they are scheduled to arrive late next week.  They are in the standard black (we are the Johnny Cash of baking) and they have #worldpiedomination on the back.
  2. We also tried to order coffee cups with our logo on them, but you apparently need a graphic design degree to put a two-color design on a one-color coffee mug.  Or just the patience of Job.  Sadly, I have neither.  2017 goals, right?
  3. And while we are discussing holiday gifts for the PJP super fan, we are selling gift cards this Friday with a bonus...purchase a $25 PJP gift card and pick out a baby pie to take home with you for free (or choose to take a gift card for a baby pie to use at a later date!).  I suppose it is no jelly of the month club, but it is the gift that keeps on giving.  87zxl_s-200x150
  4. And because we can't stop thinking about Christmas and we like a theme, we are kicking off the 12 Days of PJP Christmas tomorrow.  We worked long and hard on matching a pie to the theme of each day of the song, The 12 Days of Christmas (and oh, the puns coming your way over the next week are EPIC).  So for tomorrow's partridge in a pear tree, we are making Pear Pie (it's a thing) and selling them at a 50% discount all day, both nine-inch and baby.
  5. We are still stumped on "Lords A-Leaping" and "Swans A-Swimming".  Because Lords.  And Swans...