What Would Oprah Do?

Well, it is no lie that for most of last week, I (and Jeanne and maybe the better part of Team PJP) felt like we were on the emotional struggle bus.  We spend weeks thinking about Thanksgiving and planning for Thanksgiving and talking about Thanksgiving...so when Thanksgiving is over, well, I sort of miss it.  I know...I don't understand me either. leo-decaprio-shoulder-shrug

There's no doubt that Jeanne and I perform at our best when we are working in panic mode. There's nothing that makes us move faster or communicate better than an "oh, those 50 pies are due at 9 in the morning" scenario.  I'd call it adrenaline addiction, except I think there are always extreme sports included in that disorder and thanks, but no thanks.  Maybe we just like hustle.  Or maybe we've just spent our whole lives conditioning ourselves to do our best when everything is at stake.  (I feel like this whole topic would make the best segment on Oprah...moment of silence for the mid-1990s when I watched Oprah every day to live my best life.)

And thankfully, we have a super busy week ahead.  The December holiday season is great like that...busy every day with a final flourish on the 24th (but nothing near like the day before Thanksgiving).  And we do a lot of different things in December, like Jelly Jar pies, tarts for parties, a few weddings to be part of, teacher gifts, employee gifts...you get the picture.  There won't be one normal day in December.  PRECISELY HOW WE LIKE IT.

Historically, we've closed the week between Christmas and New Year's but we are considering staying open this year and rather closing the first week of January.  Mainly because if we don't, our first day back after the holidays would be Tuesday, January 3rd...and oh goodness, I can bet you that will be one slow sales day.  But, it would be a change from what we've done in previous years...so what if we are super slow that week and then closed the next week?  Gah...this is where having someone in charge would be helpful.  Oh wait, that's Jeanne and I.  I wonder what Oprah would tell us to do.

Someone cue the "I'm Every Woman" theme song please...