Technology. And Santa.

I spent the better part of this afternoon working on a photo card project on Shutterfly for a fun idea we have in mind.  When I finally had time to sit down with Jeanne a few hours ago to show her the several options I had created, she took one look at my account and said "Oh, hey, that looks just like our Dutch Apple pie!  Do you think they stole a picture of our pie???" tumblr_o4etkoy1vk1t7uuyso1_400

In more promising technology news, our friend Aaron Ottis stopped by with the final version of our holiday video and OH MY WORD, IT THE BEST.  I may love it even more than I loved last year's (and you might recall, I loved it A LOT).  So with that introduction, enjoy!

PS...The pie featured in the video is Almond Rum Raspberry.

PPS...Santa is played by Aaron's dad, who is wearing the only available rental Santa suit in town. In case you are curious.