Don't Worry...

As I've unfurled into a mass of anxiety over the last few days, Jeanne has been fairly quiet through it all.  And today, I realized that is because she thought Thanksgiving is TWO WEEKS AWAY.  And so trust me, when I told her that we just a mere EIGHT days away...well, she basically panicked right along with me.  (But if you are curious, co-dependent panicking is so much better than just regular panicking.) And after that early morning revelation that we are nearing our 1,000 pie goal and it all goes down in just about a week, well...we were basically hot messes for the rest of the day.  I dropped our beloved sticker printer on my finger (don't worry, the printer is knuckle broke the fall.)  We yelled at each other twice (don't worry, we always make up.)  We made a lot of pie and sold almost every single thing, but a baby or two (don't worry, we will make more tomorrow.)  By the time I settled in to host our last scheduled party of November this evening, I felt like I'd lived a thousand lives in one day.  That's normal, right?

So, just a few non-Thanksgiving items of note:

  1. The blog, Our Eyes Upon Missouri, did a super sweet story on PJP and we couldn't be more honored to be featured on their site this week.  You can click here to check it out.
  2. Uhhhhhh....I literally have NOTHING else interesting to talk about except Thanksgiving.  Help me.
  3. Oh wait, a huge diesel truck came barreling though our alley today and knocked the Starbucks dumpster through the exterior wall of that vacant end unit by Little Caesar's.  And then ran over the tree by the Starbuck's drive-thru and just kept going.  That is sort of interesting, I suppose...if you keep track of dumpster shenanigans.  Which I do.  Those suckers aren't cheap.
  4. Speaking of dumpster shenanigans, people keep dumping construction trash in our dumpster that is clearly labeled "PIES".  Those people are dead to me.  You know what makes heaving a trash bag full of dough scraps into a dumpster that much harder?  When the dumpster is full of 20 old house windows.  True story.
  5. I just had two bullet points about garbage.  I could probably think of at least three more. Help me.  Clearly, anxiety has gone to my brain...