Hello Darkness.

Like many of you (or probably ALL of you), I went outside last night to check out the Super Moon.  And while I was marveling at just how, well, SUPER it was, I couldn't help but notice that the moon looked perfectly round and just like a pie.  And then my brain immediately went to thinking about Thanksgiving pies...and BOOM, just like that, the Thanksgiving anxiety that has been suspiciously absent in the last few weeks came rushing in and filled me right up.  (Sort of like Zuul from Ghostbusters.) And honestly, I'm a little relieved.  Hello Darkness, My Old Friend.

Over the past month or so, I've certainly spent a lot of time thinking about Thanksgiving and talking about Thanksgiving and planning for Thanksgiving, but I hadn't really had a moment of panic over the basic concept of it.  And that lack of anxiety was bothering me a bit.  (Only I could have anxiety about not having anxiety...but that is an entirely different post.)  If we are going to achieve a goal of selling 1,000 pies in one day in 1,000 square feet, any smart girl would find the idea daunting, right?.  (Overconfidence makes me suspicious, as a rule.)

So, a few things:

  1. It looks as if we will close the order system down by Friday at the latest.
  2. The most ordered pie so far is Chocolate Bourbon Pecan.  (Last year it was Dutch Apple.)
  3. I've only done a preliminary inspection of the data, but it appears we will need 87,000 pounds of pecans to get through next week.  Give or take a few pounds.  Just kidding.  Sorta.
  4. And 110,000 pounds of corn syrup.  (Suddenly that enormous bucket of corn syrup I gave away this summer doesn't sound like a bad idea.)
  5. And 50 bottles of bourbon.  49 for pies and one to help us through the final hours of baking...