Someone Call Tori Spelling...

Now that we've caught our breath after a busy week of parties and weddings, Jeanne and I had a little time to put some real thought into Thanksgiving.  In years previous, we've taken orders until we started to count them all and then wanted to dry heave in the trash can at the total number.  Something tells me this isn't how Marie Callendar started out... shrug

We started by looking at our final count of pies sold in our first two years.  And then we figured out the percentage of growth between each year (it was 23%, if you are into that sort of thing).  We then took last year's order count for Wednesday alone, added 23%, and found ourselves at around 940-ish pies.  And there isn't anything intriguing about 940-ish pies, so we've set our goal at 1,000 pies for Wednesday pick up alone.  (Monday and Tuesday pickups average another 800 pies combined, so they are significantly less stressful and significantly more manageable than Wednesday.)  I've tried to think of a snappy slogan for our goal...perhaps like "The Thanksgiving Thousand", but that smacks of a direct-to-Netflix movie option featuring Tori Spelling and Mario Lopez.  (Not that I wouldn't watch that.  Ahem.)

So, 1,000 pies in one day.  Let's all just let that soak in for a minute.  Daunting AND exciting.  Scary AND compelling.  Insane AND genius.  I'd say the odds are excellent that one or more of us will cry.  And that we will second guess ourselves quite a bit in the next few weeks (and definitely at 3 am on November 22nd).  But who would be if we didn't?  Go big or go home, right?

29 days until we find ourselves in the midst of our biggest challenge.  I wonder if Tori Spelling is available to help out that week?  Didn't I read somewhere that she bakes?