Four Things.

This week has been all about the PJP baking party, keeping our nights busy with baby pie making with legions of new friends.  Here are a few other items of note:

  1. If you are a chocolate cream pie fan (and who isn't, really), then you might have noticed this week that our chocolate cream pies are looking a little more fancy than usual.  We gave the heave-ho to the chocolate chips sprinkled on top in preference to chocolate shavings.  And our friends at Feast Magazine took notice, naming our Instagram photo of our G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S chocolate pie this week (aptly captioned "TurnUp Tuesday") as one of the 10 favorite food Instagrams of the week.  img_8504
  2. As you know, we really believe that pie is the new cake.  We sell an astounding amount of birthday pie at PJP Buttonwood and usually the purchaser asks if we also sell candles.  For the longest time, we've awkwardly paused and then answered "negative, ghost rider".  (10 bonus points if you caught the Top Gun reference).  At the baking convention in Las Vegas, we met a super fun company that makes candles that come in a variety of colors and the flame burns the color of the candle.  I KNOW, RIGHT?  And they ship them in the display unit, so we just open the box and start selling candles.  They are on track to be delivered tomorrow and we are a little amped at the idea of it all.
  3. The fine people at Cilantro Cooks (a MASSIVE Canadian cookware and bakeware shop) asked me to participate in an Expert Interview series and I was beyond honored to share a few thoughts on entrepreneurship and our plans for #worldpiedomination.  Take a look here.  PJP Canada has a compelling ring to it...
  4. We bought a new sticker machine from a company we met in Las Vegas.  I was able to see some proofs of the sticker artwork today and I almost shed a tear for all the sticker making joy coming our way.  We've been assured we will be sticker making lady bosses by Thanksgiving.  YES, PLEASE.
  5. I legit can't even think of one more interesting thing, but ending on number four just felt weird.  You know how I am...