Well, I waited all day but Tori Spelling didn't call us up and offer her support for our 1,000 pie Thanksgiving.  And neither did Mario Lopez, but WHATEVER.  In the meantime, here is some other interesting-ish PJP news...

  1. I was laying on the couch this weekend watching Steel Magnolias (you know, as one does) and I checked my email to find a Twitter notification that The Mindy Project is now following us.  I have no idea how they found us but Mindy Kaling, if you are reading this right now, I ABSOLUTELY ADORE YOU.  (And so does Jeanne, now that I've explained it all.)img_8528
  2. Now if we could just woo in Jon Hamm, my work here would be done.  He loves Columbia and I'm certain he would love us if we could just convince him, so...
  3. And look, when we haven't been plotting #celebritypiedomination, we have been getting some legit work done.  We had special order forms made just for Thanksgiving orders and I picked up 1,000 copies at Staples earlier today.  Which lead me to think two things...1) I bet the people at the Staples copy center either find their jobs super interesting or super boring, and 2) why can't some office supply store build a store on the southwest side of town?  I asked the nice copy guy and he said Staples had planned to but then there was some disagreement with Office Depot and the Columbia City Council.  Sounds about right.  There is probably just some expensive park sitting at the location I could have been picking up my order forms in near proximity to my store.
  4. And before you get too impressed with the whole "made special order forms for Thanksgiving", please know that I accidentally left Peach Praline off the form as an option because OF COURSE.  So if you stop by to order and one of us says, "oh Peach Praline isn't on the available pie list", blame it on me and tell them to write it on the form anyway.
  5. Our new super cool birthday candles arrived via UPS today.  (They are super cool because the flame burns the color of the candle stem.)  They weren't even out of the box when someone asked if we had candles available to accompany the pie he was purchasing for his wife's birthday.  We gifted him the candles in exchange for a "pie is the new cake" photo of his wife celebrating and we were not disappointed.  Thanks for sharing, Kat!20161025_161923