By The Numbers...

Last week felt like one of the more intense weeks we've had at PJP this entire year.  For the most part, Jeanne and I pushed forth and then stumbled out of it all on Saturday afternoon in a daze. By the numbers:

  1. Parties hosted:  Three. (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Daaaaaaaaang.)
  2. Guests who became PJP bakers for a night:  43. (They all promised to help at Thanksgiving.)
  3. Pies baked:  600-ish. (Tarts, jars, babies, nine-inch, 12-inch, and slab...whew.)
  4. Brides scheduled on calendar for upcoming nuptials: 8. (Pie is the new cake, yo.)
  5. Grocery bill: $1337.84.  (OMG.)
  6. Extraneous trips to Hyvee:  11.  (We never learn.)
  7. Furthest Jelly Jar shipping destination: 1,786 miles.  (Carlsbad, California)
  8. UPS two day delivery charges to Carlsbad, California: $31.86.  (I'm in the wrong business.)
  9. Wisdom teeth removed: One.  (It still hurts a little.)
  10. Orders taken for Thanksgiving: Six.  (Impressive.)