This evening, we hosted our final Epic Pie Tasting event of 2016 and thus ended a tremendous nine-month run of the event that always sells out in less than an hour once it is published on Facebook.  And if you've attended an Epic Pie Tasting, then you know that the event itself is fairly low key but preparing for it by baking 12 to 15 different slab pies takes all us all day.  We've decided to take an October/November/December Epic Pie Tasting hiatus given our already packed schedule in the coming weeks. Today was no exception to the busy baking for the storefront AND Epic Pie Tasting except that I had an appointment this morning to have a wisdom tooth removed and thus spent the majority of the afternoon working with a Tylenol 4 induced high (which honestly wasn't the worst thing to ever happen...ahem).  And I only mention it for two reasons...1) if you wondered just how much of a control freak I am, please know that I return to PJP immediately following oral surgery, and 2) if you talked to me and wondered why I sounded like I had a mouth full of's because I did, in fact, have a mouth full of gauze.  (I did go home mid-afternoon for about an hour and laid on the couch and contemplated sending Jeanne a text that simply said "You are on your own, sister" but I rallied.  Or should I say, the Tylenol 4 rallied?)

At any rate, we pulled off a super fun night and I'm pretty certain everyone who came left with some new favorites (and we tried a new Pumpkin Praline that everyone adored).  And as a whole, we all discovered a pie that is pretty terrible...Vinegar Pie.  Pins for Vinegar Pie kept showing up on my Pinterest feed over the last few months and so I pinned it to show Jeanne.  She was immediately intrigued because it sounded like an old-school recipe and those most basic flavor combinations usually hold a lot of promise.  (Or so she said.  Pinterest lost me at "vinegar".)  I'll skip all the steps but the recipe basically calls for sugar, flour, water, vinegar, and a little lemon juice.  Gah.  It was 100% disappointing as you would suspect.  Our only consistent rule at Epic Pie Tasting is that we refuse to be left with any pie.  We broke that rule tonight and left a lonely tray of Vinegar Pie on the table for the dumpster in the morning.

Epic Pie Tasting will resume in January, 2017.  In the meantime, we have started thinking seriously about the list of flavor options for Thanksgiving.  We aren't 100% what is on it, but you know what isn't?  Vinegar Pie, for sure.