Could Be Interesting...

It has come to our attention that Roots and Blues is a mere THREE DAYS AWAY.  THREE DAYS. orange-is-the-new-black-rumored-to-be-cancelled-not-true

Gah.  We know, right?

While we are of the personality type to leave the details to the very last minute, this may be our most extreme case of "oh yeah, we need to figure out our plan" that we've ever experienced.  (Though in our defense, we have been ridiculously busy and it has been hard to muster the psychological prowess at the end of 90 hour weeks to sort out a cohesive plan for a three day festival.)

These big events are a struggle for a number of reasons...first, we don't do them often, so our skills for the PJP roadshow aren't as honed as some of our other skills.  Secondly, we want everyone at the festival to love us and to be happy, so trying to figure out what pies we are taking in what size becomes a veritable Sophie's choice of menu planning.  Finally, we have a very busy weekend at PJP Buttonwood AND a 25 hour commitment to be at our booth at Roots and Blues...basically making it impossible for each of us to be both places all of the time (meaning we will have to relent some control to our capable employees, which is a continual struggle for both Jeanne and I because WE ARE SUPER CONTROLLING.)  Ahem.

So, we made a list today of everything that needs to be sorted out in our minds by Friday.  (And then I texted my Inner Circle and proclaimed I could be dying of a panic attack.)  But we started down the list, making some key decisions and piecing together some semblance of a plan of attack to take #WorldPieDomination on the road to #FestivalDomination.  We are basically about 17% prepared.  Thankfully, we love a challenge.

In a noteworthy turn of events, we've been asked to provide pies for the artists to have for dessert in the hospitality tent over the course of the weekend.  And to that end, I just added to our to-do list..."cut out dough letters spelling "Jason Isbell, I love you and listen to your music all the time" and add them to the top of a pie like it is no big deal.  That could be interesting, right?