Printing. And Cutting.

For only the second time in PJP history, Jeanne and I took a day off completely from PJP Buttonwood on Saturday.  After calculating our next free Saturday to be on January 7, 2017 (not kidding), we figured whatever happened in our absence this past Saturday couldn't be any worse than working with the knowledge that we would be there for the next 19 weekends IN A ROW. So we had a quick meeting and discussed the schedule and everyone seemed on board with the no Jeanne/no Rebecca plan.  And as you might suspect, they all did AMAZINGLY WELL.  There weren't any problems, no calls with frantic panic in the background, or issues to resolve.  We already know we have the best employees in the world and to be able to step away for a day to have a little breathing room from PJP Buttonwood was a gift we both thanks to Team PJP for handling it all like pros.

And without question, having two legitimate weekend days off left us both feeling rested(ish) and a little more creative than a normal Monday.  So we waited for our regular Monday delivery of groceries and pie boxes and bags and then hauled out the Cricut and decided to stare down in an epic battle of will.  The extra few hours of sleep over the weekend fueled the fire that we were going to successfully Cricut a project or go down trying.

After watching 31,000 YouTube videos, we unwrapped our sticky mat and got to work...slowly falling down the rabbit hole of "oh, let's just cut one more thing".  One hour in and we basically wanted to print and cut ALL THE THINGS.  (I think this is how addiction starts.)  With each item that we printed and cut, we basically felt like Cricut rock stars...and we probably looked at 1% of what that machine can do.  I can only imagine what a really talented person can do with it...(probably cut out a panel for the space shuttle and attach it with washi tape).  But whatever, because we made a lot of things with our marginal skills...


I'll be leaving the machine at home tomorrow, or we will have no real pies on the shelves to sell (but the word "pie" cut out on card stock in 12 different fonts).  Unless Katie and Andrew and Sydney want to miss class to run the PJP show while we stay home and rest.  And by rest, I mean print out stuff and cut it on our fancy machine.