Working On It.

It feels like we have a number of projects in progress at PJP Buttonwood lately.  But, I guess we wouldn't be us if we weren't trying to think about 1,537 things at any given time, right?  Here's a short list of what's on our minds:

  1. Thanksgiving.  We've set our hours for that week, laid some ground rules, and picked the pies we will be baking.  Even that discussion left me feeling like...FullSizeRender830
  2. We've been asked to design a bra for the Ellis Fischel Cancer Center's Artful Bra event in October.  We are keeping the details of our bra top secret, but we named our entry "Over The Shoulder Pie Holder" and we laugh each time we think of it.
  3. We are working on fried pies for Roots and Blues.  On Friday, we fried five or six different kinds and then made ourselves sick on a buffet of fried pie.  (Really, you wouldn't believe how delicious a fried chocolate pie is.)  We love the concept, but frying on site isn't very compelling.  I fully expect Jason Isbell to find his way to our booth and it would be super awesome if I didn't smell like Wesson Oil when it happened.
  4. We are working on switching our accounting services.  That is super not interesting.  But I can promise you that it is super tedious.
  5. We are working on finalizing the details of the Ikea trip.  Payment is due by Friday if you plan to attend...(bonus points if you appreciate the Pulp Fiction version of John Travolta...)giphy_204