Well, I felt like I had a lot to say here tonight...and then I helped my 8th grader with his math homework and now I feel like the soul has been sucked right on out of me.  And if you've ever argued with someone you gave birth to about how to find the perfect cube of a number, you just muttered "amen, sister" under your breath.  I KNOW, RIGHT?  Here are a few things of interest...and none of them have to do with exact cube roots.

  1. We were beyond honored to be interviewed a few weeks ago by the Associated Press regarding our feelings on growth in small business and our long-term PJP plans.  As it turns out, the article was in newspapers across the United States this morning (prompting some great email and blog comments from new readers in all sorts of places.)
  2. We received several calls today about placing Thanksgiving orders.  WOW.  We haven't figured out our exact plan just yet, but have decided that the ordering system will open on September 1st and likely close on November 1st.
  3. Thinking about Thanksgiving terrifies me.  Just keeping it real.
  4. Also, I have trouble planning out what I'm doing two weeks from Tuesday (besides baking pies), so that some people have a Thanksgiving plan already never ceases to inspire me.
  5. For our August Epic Pie Tasting event, we tried out a Peach Raspberry pie and it received rave reviews.  We've added it into the baking schedule a few times over the last week and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.  So we made it Square official and added it to our inventory.  That's like saying we put a ring on it.
  6. Speaking of events, we are hosting an open baking night tomorrow for Peach Praline.  Two seats remain available if anyone wants to drink wine with us tomorrow night and learn how to make Peach Praline topping.  That's an offer you don't hear every day, right?
  7. Jeanne and I are hopeful to leave PJP in the hands of our capable employees on Saturday, as we realized it is the last Saturday for the next NINE weeks that we aren't booked with something major that requires us both to work all day.  As usual, I feel reluctant to take the day off...so much so that part of the homework that our business coach left me is to send him a selfie on Saturday to prove I'm not at PJP Buttonwood.  I think he knows how to handle us pretty well by now, no?
  8. I have nothing else.  But did you know that eight is a perfect cube?  Because I totally did.