Slayed Me.

I would be lying if I didn't say this week has ABSOLUTELY SLAYED ME.  It was back-to-school this week at our house, demanding a return to routine and a mass expenditure of mental energy on first day of school anxiety.  And first day of football practice anxiety.  And first day of finding out who the new art teacher is anxiety.  And whatever else my kids can conjure up anxiety.  Imagine miniature versions of me.  Overthinking...Party of Three. And as things picked up at home, we've experienced much busier days on the regular at PJP this week.  Yesterday, I woke up to my alarm at 4:55 am and finally was able to sit on the couch with nothing to do for a few minutes at 8:37 pm.  I know at least 83% of you reading this just exhaled and said "Preach it, sister...ME TOO."  Finding a work-life balance as an entrepreneur is ridiculous, right?  Scratch that...finding a work-life balance is ridiculous for us all now that we are constantly connected to what we do via email, the Internet, and social media.  When PJP becomes A THING and we are a national corporation, I'm going to make it totally against the rules to check email in the evenings and on weekends.  (And when someone has a baby/adopts a baby, they get an eight-week paid maternity/paternity leave because having a baby isn't sick time and birth sure isn't a vacation, but that is a soapbox discussion for another day.)

And after dragging around these past few days, I've realized a few things...

  1. Jeanne and I need a training program to knock us out of our lax summer schedule and into our 18 hour days of baking schedule.   We need to start whisking for at least 20 minutes consecutively each day to prime our whisking elbow muscles.
  2. Buying Starbucks cold brew at the grocery store to make your own iced coffee at home is not the same as going to Starbucks and having them make you a cold brew iced coffee to drink right there.  I don't know why.
  3. Five Hour Energy makes the left side of my face numb.  That's interesting.  And weird.
  4. Gunnar once suggested we all stop on a regular interval during the day and do stretches, like a Japanese mid-day calisthenics program.  That makes me laugh and think of that Michael Keaton movie "Gung Ho" from 1986.  And it makes me miss Gunnar.
  5. I had a fifth point to make, but I just Googled "Gung Ho" and remembered that Gedde Watanbe played in that movie and that he was also Long Duk Dong in "Sixteen Candles" and in all sorts of other movies that I hadn't thought of in a long time.  And then I fell down the Internet rabbit hole and read for 20 minutes about what Gedde has been up to recently.  He's been pretty busy actually.  Good for Gedde, right?  (This is why I shouldn't be allowed on the Internet when I've had a long week.  Clearly.)