Cricuts. And Ferrets.

One of the most charming aspects of life at the helm of PJP is that we never know exactly what a day might bring our way...which is precisely how we ended up this morning at Hobby Lobby with a Cricut Explore Air machine in our cart. If you aren't familiar, a Cricut is a super fancypants machine that does...well, every crafty thing you could ever imagine.  (It might even solve world peace...I haven't read that far in the manual yet.)  Apparently, it is super good for scrapbooking and card making and various other paper crafts.  But the reason we honed in on it is to solve our sticker crisis.  (Please just know we are always out of stickers, ordering stickers, and paying for stickers.)  And when we stood in the aisle watching YouTube videos about the wonders of the Cricut, WE WERE SOLD.  There are least one million crafters on YouTube singing the praises of a machine that can cut paper, fabric, vinyl, leather, and most importantly...sticker paper.  (And let's be honest, we were both ready to sign on the dotted line when they promised a quick and easy way to monogram a wine glass.)

So we bought the machine and a sticky pad and some sticker paper and some card stock.  And we went back to PJP Buttonwood to make our sticker dreams come true.

Except it didn't work like that.  Because crafts hate me.  And I hate them.  Even when they do precision cuts and promise amazing things.

Four hours and multiple swear words later, we managed to make a card that comes in the tutorial packet.  AWESOME.


(The card does sort of make me want to write a note to Adele and let her know how much I'd love to see her live in concert.)

True to my nature, I really envisioned stacks of professional stickers (and the monogrammed wine glass) by 5 this afternoon.  Instead, we were stabby with each other and a little worn out from watching Youtube videos, having an online chat with a Cricut help desk staff member and actually calling the help line once and talking to a live person.  I'm pretty sure they wished we just wouldn't have bought it by the end of the day.

So tomorrow, we are going to figure it out.  Or look online for a Cricut for Dummies book.  Which actually isn't a bad idea...

(As a side note, I just Googled Cricut for Dummies and it popped up in the search box before I even finished we clearly aren't the only ones who have looked for such a solution.  The book doesn't seem to exist, though other suggestions from Google included Ferrets for Dummies.  Interesting.)