30 Months.

Approximately 30 months or so ago (but who is counting), Behind-The-Scenes-Tech Guru Jason bought PJP a fancy printer and brought it to PJP Buttonwood to hook it all up.  Promptly, Jeanne and I eschewed the idea.  A printer cluttered up the vibe we envisioned and besides, what the heck would we want to print anyway? Yeah.

As it turns out, we need to print a lot of stuff.  Funny how that happens when you own a business, right?  Or actually when you are just a regular human with an Internet connection.  But pretty standard to our modus operandi, we just went to my house and printed whatever we needed (despite the extra time and effort it took).  I KNOW.  I DON'T UNDERSTAND US EITHER.  And then last Saturday, I had a moment of frustration when I desperately needed to print something, so I called Jason and begged that he come and install the printer while I was still righteously indignant about needing it and before I could calm down and ignore it for another 30 months or so.

So he did.  And today, I printed a bunch of stuff and then we all marveled at the ease and convenience.  Like the printer was just invented yesterday and we were exploring a new frontier of innovation.  Or like we had nothing but reams of paper and cartridges of ink.

We also have some lofty goals to solve our consistent sticker crisis by printing our own to use as emergency backup supply, thus avoiding blank pie boxes...or even worse, when everyone that works for us writes on the boxes (that ranks in the top five ways to shove Jeanne over the edge to a complete emotional breakdown).  The emergency stickers certainly won't be as pretty as the regular stickers...but then, neither is handwriting on the boxes.  I think it will all work perfectly...as soon as I buy some Avery labels and figure out how to design something semi-attractive for the labels, and then how to print the labels in full color without it looking weird or off-center.


I'd guess it will be another 30 months or so before it happens.  In case you are keeping track.