I'd Watch That.

In order to tell you an interesting story, something interesting would have had to happen at PJP today.  And honestly, short of getting our grease trap cleaned at 8 this morning...it was all business as usual.  And if you want to know how Jeanne's absence on Tuesdays impacts PJP, here is a what our sink looked like by 9:30 this morning... FullSizeRender

(Actually I bet you $5 that when she reads this, she will say out loud "why didn't someone rinse those before leaving them in the sink?").

So, fail on the timely washing of the dishes.  But total win on the grease trap, because that sucker is CLEAN (for the bargain price of $150, plus a fee to dispose of the stuff in the trap...which made Katie, Andrew, and I talk for a solid 15 minutes about where exactly the contents are dumped and how.  I have no idea how someone hasn't pitched an idea for a reality show about grease trap cleaners.  Because, honestly?  I would watch that.)

And now that I think about it, Jeanne should have a show focusing on cleaning tips.  She could go around to commercial kitchens and completely lose her mind when she finds grease and grime buildup and sinks full of dishes.  Once I was with my family at a restaurant where you could watch your food being prepared and it was ahem, LESS THAN CLEAN.  After a few minutes, my oldest turned to me and said "Mawmaw would go insane if she came in here.  Could you imagine?"

I could totally imagine.  And I would watch that show.