We Shall See...

Almost every single employee we've had at PJP has worked exclusively on fruit pies only, leaving Jeanne and I to cover the cream and nut pies each morning.  And while it seemed like a solid plan two years ago when Mitch jumped on the PJP ship as our first baking employee, it hasn't proven to be the best decision.  Clearly, the fastest way to sidetrack World Pie Domination is to lock it down and ensure that Jeanne and I are the only ones that know how to make Coconut Cream, right? So as we've grown and added staff, we've realized that perhaps cross training is the way to go.  (Yeah, we are always late to the party that way.)  So as we've expanded staffing over the last six weeks or so, we've done it with the goal of fully training an employee on one type of pie for a month and then moving them to the other type of pie.  Our end game?  Everyone knows how to bake everything.

Except we missed one very important piece of the puzzle.  (Because of course we did.)  Here's the thing...I don't really know how to make fruit pies.  I mean, I suppose I do...I certainly can hold my own if I HAVE to do it.  But it does require 18 phone calls to Jeanne and a lot of cursing as I second guess every decision I make.  It is very charming, really.

We've also discovered that of the two of us, I'm more of the one to train people.  I like to know the step-by-step process to doing things and I like to know the reason for each thing I'm doing.  Jeanne tends more toward the style of telling someone to put a cup of flour in a bowl, then she washes 81 dishes, tells someone to put half cup of sugar in the same bowl, answers the phone, tells someone to whisk the flour and sugar, recalibrates the ovens...you get my point.  (In her defense, this is also what makes her wonderfully creative.)

So we decided today that she would train me (presumably because I can yell at her if she leaves me with a bowl of flour and decides to clean the grease trap before telling me what to do next).  And once I'm trained, I'll train everyone else.  No pressure.

So I spent the day making the fruit pies under Jeanne's watchful eye and with the help of Mitch's color commentary.  And as it turns out, I did have a better grasp at what I was doing than I realized (or Jeanne just said that so I would quit calling her whenever I'm left in charge.)  Mitch and I are back at it tomorrow and then next week we do a major switch, as Mitch leaves us for good and we begin to train Katie to make the fruit pies.

I have no idea if this is a solid plan or if someone who is an expert in training people just dry heaved on their keyboard reading this, so WE SHALL SEE.