A List.

We were significantly busier today than I anticipated for a Wednesday after a long holiday weekend.  And busy is always my favorite, as you might expect.  Here are a few interesting items of note from PJP:

  1. This has little to do with PJP, but our neighbor Tiger Bounce has closed until September.  Except I guess that our parking is 97% better now, so there is that.
  2. Though with the recent closure of Wren's Shoe Repair as well, it feels a wee bit lonely on our end of Buttonwood.  We were so out of room trying to bake last weekend that I would have happily bulldozed right through all the empty spaces just for the extra room.  Except it would probably cost $87,241 in permitting and bulldozing fees and another $18,000 a month in rent.  So, I guess we will just be lonely because that is way cheaper.
  3. I spent a fair amount of time today working on the idea of upgrading our aprons from prison grade to black aprons embroidered with our logo.  They are a million times nicer than our current nondescript aprons, but the catch is our linen service won't wash them for us.  WE BECOME THE LINEN SERVICE.  And considering how messy we all are, I'm not so keen on hauling those home and washing them each week.  A dilemma caused by my own laziness.  Sounds legit.
  4. Jeanne and I keep a calendar at the front counter and we write everything on it - employee schedules, reminders, party reservations, and more.  We just closed the book on our second year schedule and it is all tattered and stained with random splatters and full of post-it notes.  I threw it in a box with our first year calendar (equally destroyed) and had a moment for 730 days of PJP history.  I'm keeping them all for all the background footage I'll need in my montage when Undercover Boss calls in 15 years.
  5. At the fireworks stand on Monday, I spied this globe that promised to emit a colorful shower of sparkles.  And I couldn't help but upgrade it...FullSizeRender-81